Based in Wantage in the heart of  Oxfordshire’s beautiful countryside at Ridgeway Tech base camp, we are extremely passionate about technology, we love computers, gaming, movies and all sorts of tech related stuff.

We specialize in bringing the best experience to end users, with products and services at an affordable good “bang for buck” price. Whether it’s sitting down to enjoy the big game or movie, on one of our large screen home theatre installations or getting ready for battle on one of our custom made gaming PCs. We can provide what you are looking for. We build it like it’s our own, with enthusiasm care and passion.

With over 10 years of experience in computer building and a lifetime of AV installation experience, we just love all things tech. Nothing floats our boat more than getting our hands on new hardware and gadgets to play with.

Being a family business we are familiar with tech that suits all ages and use cases. We can provide a safe and fun environment for everyone to use their tech and not trip over dangling cables nor be confused with lots of tech jargon. We just like to call a spade “a spade” and tell it how it is.

If we can use our knowledge and tech wisdom to help you gain the best experience from your tech then our job is done.

Thanks for visiting our website from all the team at Ridgeway Tech.

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