Steam is offering for a short time the chance to get Payday 2 for free. Go get yourself a copy right now, download and keep forever is what they are saying. If you don’t fancy it now and think it might be something to look at in the future then get it for then. Payday is a first person shooter from the perspective of the robbers and I personally really enjoyed it a good mix of shooter and some strategy. I believe it an 18 age restriction here in the UK so parents be  aware of that. I fully expect to see more of the same the sequel and its free so nothing to lose.

I am glad to see Steam is doing it bit to add to my free games collection, with the like of ubisoft’s: uPlay and Electronic Arts: Origin  dishing out freebies as well over the last year it’s never been a better time to be a PC game collector. You can get your free game at the link at the bottom of this article.

This is not a paid sponsor and we are in no way affiliated with or working for the above mentioned companies. If there is a conflict of paid for or provided product or payment I will be upfront and clear about it.


Written by Craig Davison

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