Mass Effect 2 FREE

Get your FREE copy of Mass Effect 2 on EA’s Origin today.


If you are signed up to Origin then don’t forget to keep checking the ‘on the house’ section of their site. They are currently giving away Mass Effect 2. So grab your copy now before they change it to another game. Thanks Origin and EA, we all love free games. If you are not familiar with Origin, then its basically the developer EA Games place to hang out.  Much like Valve’s Steam or Ubisoft’s Uplay does. You can download the client and sign up, it’s free and will give you access to purchase games from them. Their library is not as extensive as Steams catalogue of games, as they only sell their own titles, but they do sales from time to time and have always got a game that is on the house. That usually changes every few months or so. Go start building your Origin library now you have nothing to lose. There are links at the bottom of this post to take you to their site and to download the installer.



Mass Effect for FREE here

Download Origin from here

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