Humble Bundle Unreal Engine Edition (News)

Humble Bundle have a new bundle that caught my eye today. It looks to be a pretty good amount of game play for your hard earned cash, with games like Killing Floor and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter standing out to me. Considering you can chose to pay what you want, help charity and snag some AAA games for as little as $1 what’s not to love.


If you are not familiar with Humble then here’s the skinny. I found them about five or so years ago, and back then they were bringing indie game developers and charity together to create a bundle of games that could be sold as such for a kind of ‘pay what you want’ and chose the percentage of your payment to go to ether the game devs, the humble bundle creators or selected charities.

Initial bundles were typically indie games but it wasn’t long before the AAA game devs wanted in on the good PR it could give them and win over new fans to some of there game franchises. This has since led to the rise of The Humble Store a strong competitor to Steam as a digital platform for buying games. Now its not got the community aspects that some platforms have but prefers to concentrate on pure sale of games with frequent offers and seasonal sales. They have even got a monthly game subscription service that I haven’t tried but doesn’t look like it’s for me if im honest.

With all this going on I am so glad that the original bundle idea has not been forgotten about and it still gives us PC gamers that are on a budget the chance to snag some really cheap games. Please go and checkout their site and help support charity in the process. Long live the Humble Bundle.


Written by Craig Davison

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